Education and Training

unr-logoMaster of Arts in Media Innovation and Journalism. August 2016 – expected May 2018

Reynolds School of Journalism
University of Nevada, Reno
Nevada, United States
  • Multimedia skills (Adobe Audition, Photoshop, Premier)
  • Critical thinking
  • Innovation, Engagement
  • Crisis Communication
  • Public Relations


university-of-helsinki-3Certificate For Completion of Exchange PROGRAM in Development Studies. January 2015 – June 2015

Faculty of Social Sciences
University of Helsinki
Helsinki, Finland
  • Designing of international development social projects
  • Technical skills (evaluation and monitoring of social development projects)
  • Communication analysis (media, press, diagnosis of social developing realities)


logo-a-coloresBachelor of arts in Communications and development studies. March 2009 – December 2015

Faculty of Sciences and Arts of Communications
Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru
Lima, Peru
  • Economic and social development, communication analysis
  • Social projects management, international development social projects
  • Communication strategies, internal/organizational communication
  • Development of communication resources, such as graphic pieces, logos, videos and pictures
  • Occupational skills and techniques (managing, designing, monitoring and evaluating international social development projects, making communication strategies)
  • Research capacities (market research, social diagnosis)

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